Welcome to our new summer staff members at CFRU!

posted Jul 11, 2013, 7:37 PM by Vish Khanna

Tyler Karauskas will be working through the summer to lay the groundwork for a summer camp program that CFRU hopes to run in the future. Tyler brings extensive experience working in camp environments along with his experience as a programmer on Silver Screen Dream Machine to this position. 

Shonda White, who has been a board member, active volunteer, and programmer (most recently of the show "Aboriginal Sound Art") at CFRU is our Aboriginal Programming & Outreach Coordinator. She will be working on expanding our collection of aboriginal music at the station and bringing more aboriginal content to our airwaves while also doing outreach within the aboriginal community. 

Hsain Al-Shihabi will be creating a media literacy workshop that we will be presenting to area high schools to supplement the media literacy content already in the curriculum. He has been volunteering at CFRU for the last several months and brings a wealth of knowledge about media literacy, along with some amazing ideas about how to bring those ideas into the classroom. 

Asia Barclay will be also be working to bring that workshop into classrooms, and will be making connections with the schools, school-board, and individual teachers (if you know teachers that might be interested in the workshop, please email highschool@cfru.ca!) in order to do that. She'll also be exploring other opportunities for CFRU to more closely connect with youth in Guelph through the high schools. Asia has been a very active volunteer at CFRU for a while now, and can sometimes be heard on CFRU News. 

Brian Schirk has been volunteering at CFRU as host of Live From The Guttercade and co-host of The Thrill Is Back. He's a local musician and multi-media artist and will be putting together a series of workshops and activities directed towards youth over the course of the summer. He'll also be working with other local camps that might be interested in incorporating some radio/audio components into their programming this summer, while also developing some multimedia training tools directed towards youth. 

Elivia Cazolla will be our Summer Festivals and Community Events Assistant! She will be out and about representing CFRU in the community, and will also be further developing the events page of our website (www.cfru.ca/events). As a musician, Elivia has been featured as a guest on CFRU a number of times! 

These positions are funded through grants received through the Community Radio Fund of Canada and through Canada Summer Jobs. We're excited to welcome all these new faces to our staff this summer!